Home Made Desi Buffalo Ghee Brands In India

Natures Trunk is providing Healthy and Nutritious Desi Buffalo Ghee, especially Free from all Artificial Colourings, Preservatives and Chemicals.

Nature’s Trunk Desi Buffalo Ghee is ethically prepared from Enzyme Rich Yogurt of Pure Breed Buffalos, raised and grazed in an ECO-Friendly Environment.

This Granular Ghee is carefully produced and packed at our farm. Sourced from Buffalo’s milk, this ghee is rich in fat and low in cholesterol making it suitable for people with heart ailments and those who are skinny or are into extreme physical activities like sportsmen.

Buffalo Ghee is rich in Minerals, Phosphorus, Calcium, and Magnesium and contains less Cholesterol and a high amount of Fats and Calories.

Health Benefits Of Buffalo Ghee:-

  • Buffalo Ghee For Weight Gain.
  • Aids In The Treatment Of Burns.
  • Boosts your Immunity.
  • Used As A Treatment For Bedsores.
  • Relieves Gastritis And Bruises.
  • Ghee Benefits The Eyes.
  • Lubricates The Body.
  • Used as a Facial Pack.

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