Can lactose intolerant people consume A2 Gir Cow ghee? When it comes to healthy and nutritious food options, A2 Gir cow ghee stands out as a true gem. Its unique

Nature trunk’s A2 Ghee is pure and unadulterated ghee ethically prepared and packed at our Gaushala. It is made using A2 milk that contains the A2 beta-casein protein and is

Natures Trunk is providing Healthy and Nutritious Desi Buffalo Ghee, especially Free from all Artificial Colourings, Preservatives and Chemicals. Nature’s Trunk Desi Buffalo Ghee is ethically prepared from Enzyme Rich

Bees collect nectar by pollinating on a wide variety of plants to produce honey. This honey is collected straight from the honeycomb, hence getting the name Wild honey. Normally honey