Dry Red Chilli Pickle ( Endu Mirchi Pachadi ) -300 g


Dry Red Chilli Pickle in Glass Bottle



Dry Red Chilli Pickle ( Lal Mirchi ka Achar / Endu Mirchi Pachadi ) :

Our Dry Red Chilli Pickle or Lal Mirchi ka Achar is prepared in Andhra Style which is loved by evryone.  This pickle is made using mature Red Chilli and freshly milled Wood pressed Peanut Oil. It is spicy in taste and can be enjoyed with Rice, Dosa, Idli, Chapati etc. Feast to your taste buds – Red Chilli Pickle is one of the most popular pickle in Telanana and Andhra Pradesh.  The main difference between our pickle and others is that, ours is made using Wood pressed Peanut Oil. Preserving pickles in Wood pressed oils is an age old practice in which the ingredients used in making pickle stays fresh for longer period and they don’t lose their nutritional properties. For this reason, our pickles are healthy and beneficial for us in treating many ailments.

Storage : Don’t use wet spoon for serving the pickle, as it might reduce the shelf life of pickle.