Green Mango Pickle ( Aam ka Achar / Aavakaya ) -300 g


Green Mango Pickle in Glass Bottle



Green Mango Pickle:

Mango Pickle or Aam ka Achar is one of the oldest and most commonly made condiments in almost every Indian household. It is called as King of Pickles. Each region has a different recipe, style or way of preparation of this pickle. Our Mango pickle is made using dry Red Chilli and freshly milled Wood pressed Peanut Oil. It is spicy in taste and can be enjoyed with Rice, Dosa, Idli, Chapati etc. Using the right proportion of ingredients and then bringing them together in a glass jar is all that matters. As we prepare it with genuine and natural ingredients, it has a good shelf life of a year without refrigeration. The main difference between our pickle and other pickles is that, ours is made using Wood pressed Peanut Oil.

Storage : Don’t use wet spoon for serving the pickle, as it might reduce the shelf life of pickle.