Herbal Hair Oil – 100 ml


Herbal Hair Oil in Glass Bottle

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Herbal Hair Oil :

Herbal hair oil is naturally prepared oil with essential herbal ingredients to treat hair problems like thinning of hair and dry or flaky scalp. It is used not only for moisturizing purposes but also to promote hair growth, improve circulation of blood in the scalp, prevent dandruff and add volume to the hair shaft.

Our Herbal Oil ingredients are truly natural and authentic. The major ingredients are Hibiscus Leaves & Flowers, Curry leaves, Kalonji Seeds, Castor Oil and Coconut oil etc.

Herbal Hair Oil benefits for hair:

  • Helps prevent hair problems like coarse hair, premature graying and dry scalp
  • Helping in fighting baldness and untimely hair fall
  • Improving hair growth and promoting a healthy scalp
  • Help prevent lice, smoothen and revitalize the hair
  • Offer a thicker, shinier and longer hair
  • Helps in protecting the hair from harmful UV rays