Jamun Seed Powder 175 g


Jamun Seed Powder in HDPE Jar


Jamun Seed Powder :

Jamun fruits, commonly known as the Indian blackberries are rich in protein, fiber, antioxidants, flavonoids, calcium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, Vitamin C and B6 and several other nutrients. The goodness of Jamun isn’t just limited to the fruit — the seeds, which are often removed before consumption, are in fact rich in nutrients as well. They are known to be a great healer for digestive ailments. The seeds are also known for their anti-diabetic properties, which can help patients with severe blood sugar levels. Both Jamun Seeds and the Fruits have substances called Jamboline and Jambosine, which slow down the release of sugar into the blood. Jamun seeds also increase the availability of insulin. Jamun Seeds help in reducing blood glucose levels and regulate insulin levels in hyperglycemic patients. The seeds have a potent prophylactic role against hyperglycaemia. The best way to consume Jamun Seeds is in the form of powder, which can be mixed with water or milk on a daily basis. Apart from helping with managing diabetes, it is believed that the powder also helps in a good detox, eliminating toxins from the body, boosting metabolism and also for good digestion.

The best way to have Jamun Seeds is by consuming it in its powdered form. Let the seeds dry naturally and crush them or grind them to make its powder.
There are many ways of consuming Jamun Seed in powder form. You can make smoothies, have it straight with water or include in meal recipes.

Health benefits of Jamun Seed Powder :

  • May Help Manage Diabetes
  • Boosts Stomach Health
  • Helps Regulate Blood Pressure
  • May Boost Immunity
  • Aids Weight Loss