Raw Tamarind Pickle ( kachi Imli ka Achar / Chinakaya Pachadi ) -300 g


Raw Tamarind Pickle in Glass Bottle



Raw Tamarind Pickle:

Green Raw Tamarind Pickle is an age old delicacy.  Exclusive to few parts of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, Raw Tamarind Pickle is made from raw tamarind procured from the trees during the season. Selection of the right tamarind is essential in the making of this pickle as it shouldn’t be too tender or way too mature. Tangy & Spicy in taste, Raw Tamarind Pickle can be so tempting for the taste buds. Each ingredient and spice used in the making is carefully selected to get the desired taste. The ingredients are roasted on an optimum temperature and cooled before making this pickle.

Raw Tamarind has many health benefits as it is a rich source of Vitamin C which is essential for the overall health and boosts immunity. It is also considered good for the digestive system as it contains enzymes which are good for the stomach.

Storage : Don’t use wet spoon for serving the pickle, as it might reduce the shelf life of pickle.