Sorrel Pickle ( Gonngura Pachadi ) -300 g


Sorrel Pickle in Glass Bottle



Sorrel Pickle ( Ambada ka Achar / Gonngura Pachadi ):

Sorrel leaves are commonly called Gongura in Telugu and it is a green leafy vegetable and the leaves of this green leafy vegetable are plucked to use in various chutneys, pickles and curries mixed with mutton or chicken for added tangy taste. South Indian Meals is incomplete without pickle, and this pickle is quite popular to go with every meal. The main difference between our pickle and others is that, ours is made using Wood pressed Peanut Oil.

Gongura is a tangy flavoured pickle with an aroma and gives an amazing taste if we add a topping of chopped onions all over the pickle. The pickle tastes yummy by mixing it with Rice, Dosa, Idli, Chapati etc. and also by adding warm Desi Cow Ghee. This pickle helps in weight management and also has lot of minerals & vitamins such as Vitamin A, B and C. It also has lot of fibre and aids in proper digestion.