Woodpressed Peanut Oil 1 Litre


Wood Pressed Peanut Oil in Metal Tin



Wood Pressed Peanut Oil ( Kachi Ghani / Chekku / Ganuga ) :

Wood Pressed Peanut oil is manufactured by the old traditional method of using wooden chekku. The oil is produced using traditional wood-pressing technique which is healthier and purer than the factory-made oil because no heat is generated in this process and hence retains all the nutrients. Our unrefined wood pressed peanut oil is pure, naturally extracted, prepared at lower temperatures, preservative-free and contains zero chemicals. It retains the nutrition, flavor, natural aroma of peanuts and enhances the taste of your meals.

Benefits of Peanut Oil:

  • Best and healthier substitute for refined oil
  • Source of Unsaturated Fats
  • Helps in preventing the risk of Heart disease
  • Helps in lowering the levels of bad Cholesterol
  • Helps in maintaining the blood sugar level in Diabetics
  • Helps to restore the Damaged hair and improve the growth of hair
  • Helps to reduce the risk of Joint Inflammation and Arthritis
  • Improves the circulation of Blood
  • Helps to provide healthy skin and prevent Wrinkles and premature aging