Yastimadhu Powder ( Mulethi ) 175 g


Yastimadhu Powder in HDPE Jar


Yastimadhu ( Licorice / Mulethi ) :

Mulethi (Glycyrrhiza glabra ) sticks have been a great remedy of granny through the ages.  A perennial herb that is indigenous to parts of Europe and Asia has been used for centuries in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine as an expectorant.  It is a flower-bearing plant and a typical sweet and flavor can be extracted from its root. The roots of licorice can be chewed directly without processing.

The roots of licorice contain bioactive and aromatic compounds like glycyrrhizin and glycyrrhizic acid. The glycyrrhizin is sweeter than sucrose (30-40 times) and due to this, it is used in beverage, confectionery, dairy, tobacco industries. The likewise aroma can be seen in anise and fennel due to the similarity between the bioactive compounds but from different sources.  The major part of licorice is roots which are rich in several compounds like monosaccharide, disaccharide (sucrose, 18%), starch, proteins, amino acids, essential aromatic oil, sterols, flavonoids, and saponins. The glycyrrhizin or glycyrrhizic acid is a main bioactive compound that is composed of one unit of glycyrrhetinic acid and two units of glucuronic acid.

Health benefits :

  • Helps in Respiratory & Digestive Disorders
  • Reduces Stress & Depression
  • Controls Cholesterol
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Keeps your Liver Healthy
  • Treats Skin Disorders
  • Aids in Weight Management
  • Treats Sore Throat & Cough